Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artist:Stine Bidstrup

Sights and Sites for Corning, New York(2009)
Glass, water (variable dimensions)

A group of organic, blown glass blobs, will be placed without particular fanfare
or explanation into a public setting. When filled with water, they reflect
the surrounding environment upside-down, and are subject to ephemeral
phenomenological experience: changing light, the season, the angle of view
and so on.
The life of the work may be short i.e. removed by public authorities
or ‘appropriated’ by passers-by (taken home by people), or, be allowed to
exist in the public realm for a longer period of time, picking up the traces
of outdoor weather, eg. microbiological processes aided by sunlight causing
growth in the water, or evaporation that leaves traces on the insides of the

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