Sunday, June 29, 2008


Exhibition and catalog (working title): Post-Glass Artists / Glass Guerillas
Exhibition date and location : June 2009, Corning NY
Deadline for submissions : Oct 01, 2008


Post-glass Artists / Glass Guerillas questions the adequacy of the current definition of a glass artist, its associations and implications, in light of the studio practice of a significant number of emerging artists.

We are looking for works that toy with the idea of “guerilla intervention” in glass practice. For example, the method or production of your work may use the vocabulary and tools of alternative media rather than glass; the final form of work may not be glass. Perhaps, not even an object. Or maybe the object is made of glass but behaves in a remarkably un-glass-like manner. Maybe the outcome of your artistic process or its mode of distribution exceeds the focus of conventional glass art channels(throughsay, street performance).
We seek works whose concepts are unarguably derived from the direct experience of working in the medium of glass and yet, are risk-taking in their approach. They are hard to accept in conventional glass art avenues, challenging to existing discourse and uncomfortable or unfamiliar to encounter. To this end, we also welcome proposals.

To submit:

Please email You may submit upto 3 works/ideas for consideration. Indicate whether work or proposal in the subject line. In the main body of the email, include a brief description (upto 100 words) per submission and why you are interested in submitting (150 words total). For a proposal, send a written description of your project [max. 500words] with up to 3 images [drawings, pictures etc.] that exemplify the project.
Attach image/video/sound files as needed, less than 10MB. Please label the attachments as follows: yourlastname_entrynumber_imagenumber.fileformat (eg. for a movie file sent by Jane Genius in support of submission 1 and image 3 within that submission). Do not forget to list contact information at the bottom of your email to us. Works that are of interest will be posted at for open discussion, which you are welcome to join. For more information and questions about this project as it develops, please visit the blog or email us.