Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exhibition announcement

This multi-venue exhibition sponsored by the ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes Region in Corning, NY at venues :
38 W Market St . 78 W Market St . 79 W Market St . 65 E Market St
Dates: June 10-13, 2009; 12 noon to 6 pm with a reception at 6-9pm on June 12, 2009

h o w i s t h i s g l a s s ? presents the unpredictable ways in which artists open our minds up to possibility of new relationships and forms that may underlie the realm of glass. Innovative, idiosyncratic, insightful and extraordinary, their methods and actions ensure our attention, curiosity and support. Here we profile an important part of the contemporary studio glass scene as artists are exposed to non-linear methods, modular tools and alternate ways of perceiving and utilizing glass.

Participating artists - Aimee Sones . Alexander Rosenberg . Amy Rueffert . Andrew Bearnot . Angus M. Powers . Anna Mlasowsky . Beccy Feather . Benjamin Bray . Bill Bahmerman . Bohyun Yoon . Carrie McIlwain . Helen Lee . Jin Won Han . Joel O'Dorisio . Justin Braun . Keunae Song . Min Jeong Song . Maria del Carmen Montoya . Naomi Kaly . Peter Garfield . Rebecca Cummins . Rika Hawes . Robin Rogers . Thomas (Ryan) Gothrup . Samuel F. Geer . Sean Salstrom . Solange Ledwith . Stefanie Pender . Stine Bidstrup . Suzanne Peck.