Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artist: Sealen Sallee

Title options: * The Finite Possibilities of One: the biography of a cup.
* A Transcontinental Glass * I’m in a Long Distance Glassblowing
Partnership (or a simpler variant) * Re:blow (2009)
Glass, digital image/video (Dimensions n.a)

This project traces the dissolution or disappearance of an object, a cup,
made over and over again using the same piece of glass, as it goes back and
forth between the two artists. Preliminary ideas to present this work include:
* A photographic biography of the cup in the form of multiple exposure
photographs, and an ctual shelf which will hold only the final cup remaining.
* A book documenting all aspects of the project
* A collector’s set of postcards featuring the glass in its various stages of
transformation. Viewers may purchase postcard sets and continue to send
our glasses in the mail to friends and loved ones.
* An installation comprising all packing materials used iin the process.
* A video made by stitching together stills of the various cups so its demise
happening in time is visible.

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