Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artist: Keunae Song

The way of reading a space, #304 (Date n.a)
Installation with glass, speakers, projector

In a dark space, the sound of hearing something flipping away is
the only way to perceive the moment without being able to see
it source. Soon, the viewer encounters someone’s eye balls that
appear to be looking at the object creating the sound.
The viewer might follow the movement of these eyes to get the sense
of source. When one looks at the eyeballs close
enough, one can see the reflected images of the artist flipping
a tiny glass bead in a black space.
Upon exiting the installation space, a small white camera
- as though a miscroscope- shows the viewer a tiny glass bead with
the image of a person (whose eyeballs were projected in the space)
sitting on a chair in the middle
of the space, thereby, seeing what was missed from the disorienting,
illusory experience of the installation.

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