Monday, March 2, 2009

Artist: J. Susie Hwang

Ritual Residue(2009)
Clay, body, video, glass (variable dimensions; min 12 sq ft floor)

A series of clay imprints (12-16 tiles, each 3 sqft max) are cast in glass,
thereby mapping the demographics, traffic, and populous of a certain hub.
The glass tiles will be placed in the four corners of a room , each labeled with
the sidewalk locations, ie: 21st Street and 8th Ave. Chelsea: New York, New
Video may be a part of this process. The traffic may be recorded and
manipulated to create a subsequent video piece which may become part of
the installation.
Note: The artist is most interested in creating the tiles on-the-cuff using traffic
patterns in the city of Corning, the work thereby morphing into a sort of
guerilla ‘doormat’ project.

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