Sunday, February 15, 2009

Artist: Jin Won Han

Dream Space (2008-09)
Performance / act OR prints (Variable dimensions)

A work table with a flameworking torch setup is in the middle
of a small room. A person is pulling long and thin glass canes
with the torch, and hanging them in the room. The action looks
like tedious daily labor--like hanging a curtain or
laundry that being hung dry. He/she repeats the action until the room,
filled with the clear canes, looks webby and ghostly.
The person stops when there is no more space to hang canes onto.
The person is stuck in the middle of the room, calm in his/her
private space. Then, voicing the opposite desire to
destroy it, he/she crashes the web to make a way
out of the room. If performed, the process of hanging will take
about 8 hours. The video will show a part of the making process,
the moment of entrapment, and the final escape.

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