Monday, February 2, 2009

Exhibiting Artists: Angus Powers

Objects Empowered; Glasses of Action/Context (working title, 2009)
Glass, printed text, digital print / video

The proposed work comprises a series of simple drinking cups, each
conceptually “activated” by a controlled environment and context of
production that will empower each object in the final presentation.
egs. * Downhill Glassblowing---production of a cup while rolling on mobile
glass bench (image 1) * Tandem Glassblowing---production of 2 glass cups
at once on a single double-ended blowpipe (image 2) * Long Distance
Glassblowing--- production of a cup via a 300 foot rubber hose with blow
partner on a cell phone * Retail Redefined Glassblowing---a glass cup made
from melted down Wal-Mart drinking glasses * Floating Glassblowing---a
glass cup made while in a canoe.
The environments and contexts will range from humorous to serious, and be
both fun and thoughtful. In presentation, each cup is coupled with descriptive
reference to the context and a large digital print.

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