Friday, February 6, 2009

Exhibiting Artists: Beccy Feather

Ultra Shiny (2009)
Glass, stickers, advertising campaign

‘Ultra Shiny’ is a new and exciting product tag from
MondoNew Technologies that captializes on the perception
of glass in the eyes of the neophyte. Stickers claiming ‘Ultra Shinyness’
are placed onto glass products which are otherwise second rate.
The project, using now-ubiquitous forms of product
advertsiing to explore glass through the lens of both promise
and misdirection, encompasses: Glassware including a range of
stickers with marketing slogans.
Marketing materials: ‘Ultra Shiny’ business cards, t-shirts, baseball
caps, rubber stamps, car door magnets, Evidence of product placement
in the marketplace, i.e.,, etc and a
Wikipedia page devoted to Ultra Shiny.
Trade show attendance. A clever advertising campaign.

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