Monday, August 16, 2010

The Post-Glass Video Festival 2010 opens Sep 10 @ Heller Gallery NY

The Post-Glass Video Festival presents 20 works that expose specific relationships with glass - phenomenological, material, social and personal - through digital video. The festival indulges concepts that either trace back to the direct and mediated experience of glass, or actively investigate common perceptions and complex connotations of the material.

Working with the lens of a video camera, artists featured in the exhibition engage a wide gamut. They investigate an intimate relationship with glass, capture the poetic beauty of vulnerable moments using the metaphors of glass and implement performative acts that problematize a situation or provide insight. They explore social implications of transparency and reflectivity and create moments by unmaking the objects ... ... ... The Festival, thus, showcases a variety of short videos ranging from abstract and perceptual to narrative and process-based. In all cases, the works are manifested best through the vocabulary of video, and in some case, with an active physical/installation component.

The exhibition debuts at Heller Gallery in New York from Sep 10- 25, 2010 and travels to other locations in Seattle and Sydney Australia thereafter.

Participating artists :
Alana Kakoyiannis . Alexandra Ben Abba . Andrea Oleniczak . Andrew Salgado . Armel Hostiou . Arun Sharma . Betsy Dadd . Brett Swenson . Charlotte Potter . Emer Lynch . Emma Hogarth . Giuseppe di Bella . Kevin Kay . Kimberly McKinnes . Matthew MacKisack . Netta Bacon . Rui Sasaki . Sarah Rose Allen . Ted Sonnenschein

Over the next few weeks, this blog will present the work that will be exhibited by these artists.

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