Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Slow Glass"

A show at Lisa Cooley Fine Art

 Slow Glass takes its theme from the titular substance, an invention of scence fiction writer BobShaw described in his novel Light of Other Days(1968). Slow Glass is a transparent material that tremendously slows down the speed of light that passes through it, so that a piece that had looked out
on a picturesque countryside setting, for example, could later be used to provide a view of the pastoral scene from a city apartment window. 
In Shaw's novel, slow glass plays a key role as evidence in a mystery by
 "recording" a criminal act.
Article excerpted from New York Art Beat:

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W. Benjamin said...


I'll forward this blog entry to my friend Chris, who's in the Fort Point show with me. The concept of "Slow Glass" has a place in dialogue surrounding his recent work about glass as an archival material. He may have already considered this, but we hadn't discussed it explicitly.